Quickspin Casinos – Review of Quickspin Software

Quickspin is a company that’s been around for a number of years, and they’re atypical in that they were started by veterans who already had tons of experience in the online casino software development industry. Along these lines, their titles tend to resemble some of the style and presentation of games from industry juggernauts like Net Entertainment, though there’s nothing along the lines of ripping off concepts or themes or anything like that. Instead, they offer an extremely high-quality product, and even though they might not have as many titles out as a lot of the competition, they definitely bring it when it comes to quality.

Game Selection

The collection of games available from Quickspin centers exclusively around online slots. They have excellent graphics, and many of them use themes and formats that we haven’t seen all that often. On the other hand, they have games based on well-known themes too, but these stand out because of the way that the graphics and features combine to create extremely high-quality gameplay. They even have classic slots with a twist, like with the Supernova game that’s been altered to be an “all-ways” style game with 27 ways to win on every spin and random multipliers to give you chances for payouts at all kinds of levels.

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Game Availability

The main way to play titles from Quickspin is to play with an online casino that is powered with the Microgaming Quickfire platform. Their games are included on this platform as per their content distribution deal with Microgaming, and there are tons of online casinos that use this platform, so it’s really easy to get in on the action with Quickspin’s titles. All of their games can be played in your browser, so you’re never going to have to worry about downloading anything to your computer or making sure that you have the right operating system.

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This also means that you can play all of their games via mobile. All you have to do is log into the casino’s website that you’re playing with on your smartphone, tablet or other type of mobile device, and you’ll be able to get started right away. It’s pretty easy to play with a touchscreen because of the way the games are developed, and the controls automatically scale in a way that makes it natural and intuitive to play.


Something you need to understand about Quickspin as well is that they focus on quality over quantity in everything. This is why they’re licensed in the United Kingdom, one of, if not the single, most important and respected jurisdictions in the world. As far as Europe goes, the United Kingdom’s standards and practices for regulating the online gambling industry have been looked at as the industry standard, and a license here means that you aren’t playing around. They have shown to be ready, willing and able to enforce their rules as well.

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The biggest thing about Quickspin is that they have great games with great distribution. This means that every single new title they release is seen by thousands of players, and this only fuels their drive to get better and better and to release more games. This is why industry experts predict that Quickspin will continue growing over the particularly long term and keep providing players with awesome experiences.