About Time Board Game Guardian Edition

About Time Board Games

About Time Board GamesThere is no waiting around in About Time as everyone takes part in every round. And there are no wrong answers as you only have to guess closer then the other players!

About Time question cards, in Classic and Expert sets, feature six categories – Heroes & Villains, The Arts, Everyday Life, Innovation, Word & Thought and State & Nation. From Marilyn Monroe to the Large Hadron Collidor, if it made the front pages, we have it covered.

Like history itself, the About Time board is littered with pitfalls and surprises. You can catch the Plague, be held up by Highwaymen or be challenged to a Duel and see your fortunes rise and fall …

About Time board games are now available in Family & Friends, Junior and Guardian Front Page Editions.

What’s in the box – board game elements

PLAYER PIECES – Play one of eight historical characters including Napoleon, Gandhi and Elizabeth I

QUESTION CARDS – Everyone hears the question revealed from the cardholder. They have 30 seconds to write down their answer. The nearest year to the one at the base of the card wins a token.

CARDHOLDER – Question cards are stored here. The player who won the previous round takes the Cardholder, rolls the dice and moves to the next space, then pulls back the strip with the same colour to reveal a question.

SAND TIMER (30 seconds) – The Reader turns over the sand timer as soon as they have finished reading out the question to the players. Everyone must write down their answer before the timer runs out!

TOKENS – Win the round and you win one or more tokens. Whoever has the most tokens at the end wins, but remember – you can lose them as well!

TIME CARDS – Be the first to shout ‘Time!’ in any round and use a Timecard to get extra clues. You start with four, then pick more up as you move round the board.

DUEL – Challenge another player to a Duel. Whoever’s answer is closest takes half of the other players tokens (rounded down)!

PLAGUE – If you land on the Rat half of your tokens go into the Pot. You can win them back only if you win the round, otherwise they go to the winner!

TIMELINE ANSWER SHEET – Write your team’s answer year here. Use the timeline at the top of the answer sheet to help you.

BOARD CENTRE – If you get to the Centre and win a round, the game is over. Whoever has the most tokens wins – not necessarily the team in the centre!