Cheese Quest: The Quest for Cheese Board Game

Publisher: Phil Schadt
Players: 2-4
Duration on box: 30-45 minutes
Age recommended on box: 9+
Time to learn: 5 minutes

Game Description/Game play

Cheese Quest: The Quest for Cheese Board Game

Cheese Quest: The Quest for Cheese Board Game

In Cheese Quest, players are mice that have finally found a place to call home. The good news: lots to cheese and perfect place for a family. The bad news: other mice have also discovered this great location. The extremely bad news: CATS! Cats are lurking around every corner. With all that aside, your hunger keeps you focused on the real issue, getting two pieces of cheese back to your nest.

The Cheese Quest board is set up by placing tiles around a central location, the Nest. Mouse traps, cheese and cats are placed by icons on the tiles. All players begin in the Nest. A deck of cards, referred to as the Pantry, are shuffled and each players is dealt two cards. The cards allow players to manipulate play in some way, hide your mouse, move a mouse outside of typical rules, move a cat etc… On your turn, you may perform up to three actions. These actions can be completed in any combination, even repeating the same action multiple times. You have five choices: move your mouse one space, pick up a piece of cheese, steal a card from the pantry, play a card from your hand, or disable an obstacle (traps or debris). Play continues between players until one mouse is able to bring two pieces of cheese back to the nest. This mouse is able to claim victory of the Nest and live with a full belly!


Cheese QuestWe loved this game! While playing, you were forced to sabotage your opponents but also make progress toward cheese collection. There was a good balance as the game progressed and at times you had to make tough decisions about what was more valuable to you. We loved that this game is great for the family. We enjoyed playing as a light filler game with adults only on our game nights but we also enjoyed playing this game with our families. The rulebook was easy to understand and well laid out. The components were nice. There are ADORABLE cat meeples. However, the adorable cat meeples left me a bit disappointed that my mouse and cheese was simply round dots. However, it did make it easy to carry my cheese by simply stacking. There are also extra tiles to create the board. This allows for lots of replayability and also allows the difficulty to be manipulated a bit. Overall, we loved this game and would recommend it anyone that enjoys light filler games that are fitting for all ages.


  • Easy to learn
  • Great for all ages
  • Adorable cat meeples
  • Well balanced

  • None!

Overall Rating: 9/10