Worldwide Coverage Since Toy Fair for About Time

About Time made a splash at Toy Fair Olympia in late January – thanks to our new celebrity supporter Nadia Sawalha, plus some guerilla marketing that brought us centre stage at the annual toy industry event.

Nadia, recently ejected from ITV’s Dancing on Ice was sporting enough to join our intrepid band of iconic protest figures. She recently played About Time over Christmas and really enjoyed it – much to her surprise!

Nadia says: “I’d all but given up on board games. About Time® has re-ignited all that childhood excitement I used to experience all those years ago from a group of friends and family sitting round the table laughing, fighting and storming off all over a board game.

“What I love about this game is that even if you’re a bit of an ignoramus (like me) you can still potentially win, and along the way will have learnt amazing facts that you can impress other people with. This game will take centre stage in my house for many years to come.“

Here are the news links we have found so far that came from the event, and we are extremely thankful to Nadia and our in-house PR supremo Tanushka, for making this happen.

The Toy Fair links: