Fun Party Games for the Whole Family

Spending an evening playing games with friend and/or family is a super way to pass the time.

You can chat and fellowship while having fun playing the game. It’s a relaxing way to spend time together. And there’s so many games, there’s one out there to suit just about every taste. Just check around and you’ll find the best board game to suit your tastes.

You can very well call it learning through enjoying. They involve you. They entertain you. They develop you. You not only enjoy playing them but also build up a few extra social skills through playing them.

Sure, there are all kinds of electronic pass-times out there with tv, computers and what not, but sometimes it’s just great fun to unplug from the electronic age and play a board game. Just because they’ve been around for a long time doesn’t mean they are out-dated! Old board games, new board games… they’re all great entertainment!

So grab somebody and play board games today!

Cuponk is lots of fun!

CUPONK Monsterosity

CUPONK Monsterosity

If you want to have a lot of fun, try Cuponk!

This toy or game is considered on of the coolest things around, a definite “must have”.

Why is Cuponk so awesome? To be honest, it actually boils down to just one thing – people simply can’t quit playing it! No kidding, as soon as you begin a game, you really don’t want the fun to end. In addition to that, as soon as your family and friends notice just what a fun time you’re having they are likely to want in on the fun also! So why don’t we take a good look at just what makes Cuponk such great fun.

Essentially, Cuponk is made up of very cool cup (presently there are two or three cool variations to pick from), which has an attached backboard funnel, a couple of specialized balls, along with a deck of game cards. The objective of this particular game is to get one of the balls into the cup using the shot directions on one of the game cards. The only thing you need to do is draw a card then try to make the shot it describes. When you actually get the ball in the cup, it lights up and makes some really whacky sounds. After that, you can draw yet another card and try another shot. Way cool, right?

And what makes it even more fun is that when you try to make your shot, you can make use of anything and everything in your house. Bounce the ball off the wall and into the cup? Totally OK! Bank the ball off the door? Go for it! Trick shot off the stairs, onto the the refrigerator and across the family dog? It’s your call for the win! It’s your style and skill that calls the shots, game after game, time after time.

Furthermore, Cuponk is actually a game which can be enjoyed by the entire family (although there are some small parts, so little kids who might put them in their mouth should be supervised). The entire family will have a great time, laughing out loud as each player tries to make their shot. With this game, age doesn’t determine who is most likely to win, making Cuponk a great choice.

Since the balls are quite light, there’s no worry about them causing any damage. Also, the balls have designs on them that matches the theme of whichever Cuponk game you get. All of the graphics and the sounds each game make all fit together, adding another level to the fun and excitement of play.

Players will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see who will make which shot. There will be close calls and amazing shots, but it all adds up to a lot of fun! So, what are you waiting for? Make this holiday season the most fun ever. Pick up Cuponk today and show your family and friends who rules!

The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life (1992 version) among board games in the category indoor party games started rewarding players for their social awareness and responsible action like recycling trash and helping the homeless.

It all reflected our public awareness changing from valuing a self-centered, rich jerk to valuing a socially responsible citizen more.

The routes of “Business and college” changed to those of “Career and College”, the College route putting the player in debt in the beginning though promising much more salary than the Career route in the long run.

Another major change in this version is the collection of “LIFE Tiles” as one move further along the game. These tiles represent and account for major life events rewarding as huge sums of money as $50,000 to $250,000 to be added to the player’s account in the end of the game.

Also in the Retirement zone, new Countryside Acres have been added, which previously had made the “Bankrupt” space in the older version.

In 1998, a CD-ROM version of the game was introduced adding computerized moves and short animations to the game.

Next, in the 40th anniversary edition in 2000, the Travel Agent was replaced with a Computer Consultant.

Then in 2005 the new edition tried to limit the importance of the chance factor in favor of more realistic life situations and jobs.

Now the current version all the jobs except the Police Officer have lost their special abilities, though still it is basically a luck-driven game more than it is driven by life-skills.

But then may be the real life goes the same way too – more dependent on luck or chance than it depends on the skills! May be The Game of Life – one of the most popular board games played as indoor party games represents life in a real way, the way we live it here on this planet!

Mafia aka Werewolf aka Assassin

Mafia aka Werewolf aka Assassin falls in the category of Role Playing Games under Party Games and is a highly significant game as far as learning the psychological skills of warfare is concerned.

The game models a battle between an informed minority and an uninformed majority by assigning roles to the “mafia-members” secretly so that the “townspeople” don’t know who they are among them though they might have been given the information regarding how many of them are there.

There are two phases in the game – the night phase and the day phase. In the night phase the “mafia-members” – who all know one another since they are the informed minority – choose among themselves to “kill” an innocent. In the day phase all the players (including “mafia-members” whom no one knows as what they really are!) discuss regarding who the “mafia-members” could be and reach an agreement to kill one of them.

Thus the players keep getting eliminated through getting “killed” either by “mafia-members” or by the “townspeople”. “Mafia-members” would never “kill” their own since they know, but the “townspeople” can since they don’t know though they have the privilege of being more in number to be “killed” in the game.

The game continues till only either the “mafia-members” or the “townspeople” survive and there is no more left to be “killed”.

Obviously the team that survives wins the battle. The bigger the group to play as is generally the case in the online versions of the game, the more the enjoyment in the fun party games that the famous Mafia aka Werewolf aka Assassin belongs to!


Finally, a drawing game for people who can’t draw!

Each round, one player (the Portrayer) describes an image, while the other players (Artists) draw the image, relying on the portrayer’s description. The artists then trade drawings and judge each others drawing using a list of hidden criteria. The more details the Artists get right, the higher their score!

We have a wonderful story we love to tell about the first time we played Identik at a game party:
A mother was there with her 8- or 9-year old son who had a mild form of autism. He was very keen to play the games but wasn’t sure he would enjoy this game since he couldn’t draw. We told him that it wasn’t necessary to know how to draw, since the important thing was to include the elements, regardless of how they were drawn. When the time for the scoring to begin, he became very disilusioned, sure that he would lose. Then, when the elements started to be read out, he became almost angry – until we pointed out to him that he had drawn all of the elements described and had a very good chance of winning. The look on his face and in his eyes was amazing when he understood that even though he couldn’t draw, he could still win. It’s a look we will never forget.

His mother bought the game then and there, and she scheduled a party with us not long afterward!

Say Anything

This game will let you know what your friends really think and let them know what you really think. Maybe in some cases that isn’t such a good thing, but with this game, you are sure to have fun! With questions to push your hot buttons and start some classic debate, to questions that make you really think, you will have fun hearing what everyone has to say. Your answers are written down and the person chosen will pick the one they like best.

Loaded Questions

Do you think you know what your friends and family are thinking? Well this game is to test your knowledge of how well you know them. When you guess their answers to these mind probing questions, you get to move your piece along the board. There are over 500 questions so you might get lucky or unlucky with the draw. Walk away feeling sure you know the people you are supposed to know, or questioning if you know them at all!

Girls Night Out Pink

Nothing is better than a girls night out, and now you can play a game made for just such an evening! The conversation will range from all kinds of things from intimate to daily topics and you will know just what the girls really think. Based on the topics, this game is recommended for ladies 18 year of age and older. With thought provoking questions to hilarious ones, you will surely get to know the girls even better than you thought you did.