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Warhammer Board Game – Fantasy Roleplay

Basic Army Theory for Warhammer 40K Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium Boxed Set from $136.00 Shop now While this was written…

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Boggle Board Game

What is Boggle Game? Boggle Board Game from $47.95 Shop now One of the all time fun games for kids…

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Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Classic Game from $35.66 Shop now A year before it`s Parker Brothers release, Charles Darrow of Pennsylvania pitched Monopoly…

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Best Family Board Games of All Time

Playing board games is a great way to bond as a family. You’ll find that your kids learn how to…

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Best Time Travel Board Games

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Who does…

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The Best Adventure Board Games in 2020

It is a known fact that a book is a man’s best friend; but when you have a group of…

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The Best Strategy Board Games

A good board can never let you and the people around you get bored. A board game is generally a…

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Get the Greatest Guessing Game since Time Began for £29.00!

AboutTime Board Game - Buy Our Classic Family Board  Game

About Time board game is a Gold award winner: “This game is fantastic!….All I can say is everyone should have one!” says Sarah Waldron, one of the BizzieBaby parental reviewers who gave About Time 5 out of 5. ‘”We will be getting the game out at Christmas and any dinner parties we have.”


The Junior Discovery Picture Card Pack is now available for £4.99. A whole world of discovery and invention for ages 8 and over! Play as a card game or with About Time board game or choose a new casino from the list published on


The all new About Time Junior Edition features the great 2011 version of About Time bundled together with the fantastic Junior Discovery Picture Cards.


UK About Time board game with cards featuring iconic front pages from the Guardian. (Guardian cards also available separately.)


“What I love about this game is that even if you’re a bit of an ignoramus (like me) you can still potentially win, and along the way will have learnt amazing facts that you can impress other people with. This game will take centre stage in my house for many years to come.“

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Timeline Answer Sheet

The Timeline Answer Sheet incorrectly states that you can download more Timeline Answer Sheets from the 'UK Game' page of…

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History Declines in State Schools

The Daily Mail reports that 159 state schools are not offering a history GCSE this year, affecting some 150,000 pupils…

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Latest Incredible Amazon Reviews for About Time Board Game

Here are the latest Amazon reviews for the 2010 edition of About Time - they are all REAL! Great fun…

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Freebie Man Gives About Time Board Game the Thumbs Up!

FreebieMan likes to review gadgets and games of all kinds - and he's just reviewed About Time. We get the…

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Worldwide Coverage Since Toy Fair for About Time

About Time made a splash at Toy Fair Olympia in late January - thanks to our new celebrity supporter Nadia…

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New Friends and Family Edition Launched!

About Time Friends and Family Edition of About Time board game is now available. The new game is a wonderful…

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Nadia Sawalha Helps Launch About Time Friends & Family Edition

'Dancing on Ice’ contestant and Celebrity Master Chef Nadia Sawalha will be joined by Dragon’s Den survivors and a host…

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Waterstones and Foyles are Stocking About Time Board Games

Waterstones and Foyles in London have joined our retail stockists. Please let us know if you buy a copy of…

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Happy Puzzle Now Stocks About Time Board Game

The Happy Puzzle company now stocks About Time board game, along with hundreds of other games and puzzles. You can…

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About Time Board Game

New – About Time Board Game: 2011 Edition

A great new 2011 edition of the About Time Board Game featuring new questions ideal for players 12 years and…

About Time Junior Edition

About Time Friends and Family Edition and the great new Junior Discovery Card Pack bundled together to create the the…

Junior Discovery Card Pack

The all new Junior Discovery picture card pack for 8 years and older. The pack contains 58 full colour picture…

About Time Board Game Guardian Edition

The Guardian Edition of About Time was developed in partnership with The Guardian and features an extra set of cards…

AboutTime Board Game – Buy Our Classic Family Board Game

Get the Greatest Guessing Game since Time Began for £29.00! About Time board game is a Gold award winner: "This…

About Time Board Game: US Edition

First launched in the UK, About Time USA edition has all the great features of the original board game plus…

About Time Board Game: German Edition

The German edition of About Time is here! About Time® has joined forces with national newspaper Die Zeit to bring…

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